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Pat Miller has specialized in designing and creating home renovations since 1980. Although having designed houses nationally, Pat, as a long time resident of lower Fairfield County, has created most of her designs in this area, for the most part in Westport, Weston, Greenwich, and Fairfield. Pat’s renovations have run the gamut from traditional to shingle style to contemporary, and her approach to design is: “to create something special for each client that belongs only to them. I love renovation work because it is so personal. Taking a space that people have lived in, and then changing it, means that they want to change the way they live. This process is emotional and is always rewarding for the home owner.”

Pat takes personal responsibility for all phases of the renovation process. First, meeting with the clients; she listens, and then transforms their needs and desires into a design, a preliminary drawing, and then a final working drawing. Then working with, and presenting to local and state regulatory boards, she obtains the necessary zoning, health, and environmental permits, all of which work for the client, as well as the town. The next step is to hire a general contractor. Pat obtains competitive bids from a number of potential builders and works with the client to culminate the selection process. Finally, Pat oversees the entire construction stage to completion. During this process, all decisions are reached through a consensus between client and designer, the end result being a home that’s warm, charming, and most of all, it’s yours!

Sensitivity to both her clients’ needs and requirements have helped established Pat as one of the most accomplished and sought after designers in Fairfield County. Her many renovations over the years have demonstrated how small and simple houses can be transformed into warmer, more gracious and inviting homes. Perhaps the greatest sign of her success is not only the number of homes she has renovated, but the recognition of what her clients identify as a “Pat Miller” house: a home that combines function and design with that elusive quality so rare in many of today’s homes: the personal touch, it’s yours and you will feel it’s yours.

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